Forklift Operator / Warehouse clerk

Are you flexible and do you enjoy doing physical work?


At Distribution Stox, the operations department regroups different job categories. Warehouse employees are mainly clerks and forklift operators, their contribution has a direct impact on our business performance.

In our daily operations, we consider warehouse activities as the cornerstone of the company.  We are constantly looking for dedicated employees to work as handlers and as forklift operators.

Our types of operating equipment are:

  • Raymond order pickers
  • Crown order pickers

Pallet Jacks

Our Promise

You are looking for a career in logistics? We certainly have a position for you!

What we offer :

  • A dynamic environment, if you enjoy physical activities, you have the possibility to do your workout while working. You can stay in shape without having a membership at the gym.
  • New equipment with the latest technologies.
  • Best training program offered by qualified ambassadors of the industry.
  • Recognition by team members and management.
  • Gift cards reward program for seasonal employees. Rewards may be doubled each pay period.
  • Work clothes with our company logo are provided, amount of $215 per employee. An on-line catalogue is available.
  • Interaction with passionate peers from the automobile and transport industries.

Current opportunities

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IT Service

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Warehouse Supervisor

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Account Manager

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Human Resources

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Marketing and Communications

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